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Another JR story : This past Feb. I went to race in Vegas after spending over $20,000. in engine and other upgrades at GMS. Told by JR & Nick I would have no problem getting into mid - low 10's in the 1/4 mile, since last year I got to 11.08 without all the new upgrades.
Well I get there same month and temp.(give or take a degree or two) as the year before. And I couldn't get into the 10's, still running low 11's. So of course I'm pissed ! $20,000 and not a bit faster. (FYI it's a auto so no driver error)
So JR calls in a favor and gets one of the top tuners to come to the track the next day since JR assumes it's got to be the tune thats the problem.
Well the guy comes & spends a good 6-7 hrs with me and the car retuning it etc.. and still not in the 10's. AND HERES THE KICKER I HAD TO PAY THE GUY THE $400. FOR HIS TIME !! You think since I just spent over $20,000 with GMS and he tuned it he would cover the cost of the retune and pay the guy himmself since the car didn't do even a tenth of what was promised. So again think twice before using GMS ! In my opinion he is a crook !!
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