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Originally Posted by Bumblebee2012 View Post
Your power is in the cam and heads. The block and what you do in it are your foundation. Getting the porting right to your rpm and cam is done on a flow bench. You don't want lazy ports, you don't want to hog it out. But you kind of have to develop the entire program together. You can't max port heads/intake at home on a bench because you can't see when your going the right direction with your work or when your destroying a great port. Takes someone with talent and equipment to build a Maxx effort head.

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I hear you and I am in total agreement. That is why I will look for good builder just for that purpose.

What I need to know:
1- is the LS3 block safe at 427 cubic inches making 700 + horsepower.
2- Can I get the 660 horsepower with the mods that I mentioned?
3- How can I get to 725 + HP naturally aspirated and still be street driveable.

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