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Pictures coming shortly - I guess I just missed GMG69. They said he was there right before me with his twin turbo car. I would have like to seen that.

I spoke to J.R. about the twin turbo kit on your car and he has the same story you do. Therefore you are in agreement(not sure if that brings you any comfort) Where you differ is ironically what I said. You purchased a kit from George at Turbo Tech. Granatelli said both he and George spoke to your engine "engineer" and both told him NOT TO RUN JOURNEL BEARING TURBO'S on a large displacement engine. Also you will note when Granatelli was posting on your thread you keep saying you had a Granatelli kit and J.R was responding. It was shortly after when Granatelli saw your install photos on your thread that he realized you purchased a kit from TTi. Even after that he still supported you and when your car's turbo failed he happily sold you the turbos off his own engine. He did not keep your turbos and screw you out of them, he did as you requested and sent them back to Precision (on his own dime) as you requested. You keep saying he charged you 1600 times 2. That is 3200 not $3600. I tried to call BS on J.R. in a nice way and he showed me your invoice. He billed you $3200 and then credited you back $2000. If you look at the Precision website a ball bearing to journal bearing up grade is $980 to $1100 each. $580 was his cost each. So he made $40.00 profit in total but paid shipping so he most likely lost money. He seemed genuinely displeased that you were not happy and said he tried to speak with you by phone back then but you were clearly very mad. He explained to me that you explained to him after the fact that your engine guy could have saved you the $40 bucks but "all due respect" JR's words, He is in business to stay in business and as much as it may be confusing to you - You were Corry’s customer who was Georges customer. The fact that you J.R. posted on your thread and tried to help you before during and after Camaro Fest only goes to show he did what he said he would. You had me believing he stole your turbos - that is clearly not the case and I saw the paperwork.

I do understand your side but it is clear that J.R. Granatelli did his part and tried to make it right by you. I guess you all need to agree to disagree on that one. Call me crazy but I think the guy went out of his way to help. Where you differ in opinion is on the Money side of things. I note no where in here do you ever mention calling Turbo Tech for help or service. Why not.

You say they seemed more engineering like. Why deal with them all the way until you had a problem and then dump on J.R.?

Simple - Because J.R. made himself the target by putting himself out there. I did a search on George at Turbo Tech - He rarely if never comes here and does not appear to have supported the sight either. So like they say no good deed goes unpunished.

I am not blinded one way or the other - you paint the picture your way and he paints it his way but reading and listening to both sides and one can see you agree on most everything but the ball bearing upgrade fees.
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