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Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
One - the 'bumblebee' color requires several paint processes that cannot be made in an assembly plant that paints several car lines. Further, you may want to actually price the paint that was used on Bumblebee - (the primer, the tintcoats, the finish coats...) Incredibly expensive and no, we could not make a profit on it.

Same for the show-car white.

LOL... I may have just explained that in my previous post... I can see the Flat pearl white being a House of Kolor paint as well.

I do believe however that the Shimrin is sitll "acceptable for a custom color". As a comparison... the "chameleon blue" on my Tuscan cost me 1260GBP/liter for the photocromatic (flip flop if you want) paint only, a special black base coat was needed and then of course the clearcoat...
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