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Originally Posted by 2SSRS View Post
if your off call me and lets see, i made this with only a LS car to test, we did that with the prototype harness then last Sunday with the same harness as you got, also sent a HUD based on this harness and it worked as well, no one had any thing bad go on with there cars, there car had 5 wires in the 4 pack connecter too, dont want to say how its done but have to see whats up.

I just got off the phone with Ofer. He's in analyse mode now. I'm going to ship my harness back to him, because he's probably already figured out what the issue is. My car went back to normal when I removed the harness.

Now my gauges are just cosmetic until he sends it back.

I'm kidding though; all is good and Ofer is a great troubleshooter. It's better to get it right and then his harness will be bulletproof!

CS92, is yours working?


PS...Ofer, did I add enough drama?
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