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Seeking 9s on M6...
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Boost Spike / Lean spike on gear shift

I finally made it to the track. But i have been fighting a boost/lean spike when shifting gears that results in knocking and of course pulled timing. I have another thread with lots of information an theories if anyone else is seeing boost spikes when shifting.

So i did beat my all time best of 11.6 with and 11.1 @ 132. No where near where i should be at this power level, but i never had a clean run w/out knock.

Here is my best run of the night ...clearly lots of room for improvement. I know 99% of my problem is a driver mod, but i have a TPiS TB and RX Super Chiller on the way. My IATs were outragious (which wasn't my problem, but forced me to wait quite a while between passes). I'm also considering changing to a Speed Density tune to help with the lean spike during shifts.
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