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Originally Posted by phiz118 View Post
4) Selling the car to two different people at the same time (did i read that right!?!!?!?!)

No they couldn't sell it to anyone until they had another one on the showroom floor but a guy had his deposit down on it so he was first in line. When one came in Friday they called the guy who had his deposit down and something apparently happened with his finance or he found another car or for what ever reason I was next in line and went and picked it up.

I guess I just look at things alot different than everyone else. I love this dealership this is the 3rd car I have bought from them. Supply and demand says right now they can ask more for their car so they are and some people like me are willing to pay a little more to have something right now and now to wait 2 plus months for it to get here I don't blame them for that. Especially since they gave me more for my trade than anyone else. Until I sign on the dotted line they can let whoever they want sit it in it was their car as soon as I signed the papers they drove it away and cleaned it up.

I personally have nothing bad to say about this dealership and would recommend them.
Semper Fi,
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