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Originally Posted by With envy View Post
Wade, is your avatar the car I sent you? And Jeff, my wife was just telling me that you still have Biohazard. That's cool! I mean that in the way that I'm glad you're still here with the rest of us crazies. When I saw the engine cover for sale, I just assumed it was because you no longer had a car to put it on. That'll teach me to make assumptions!

Hey, what do you guys think of this:

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The wife has been busy with her own experiments...

Hey Gary , Bio-Hazard is still here and kick'in. It's not going any where ..LOL Thanks the kind words and I take it Maggie is your wife ? please correct me if I wrong . She has been great to talk with and she has a lot of kind words also. As for the Engine cover the I sold wasn't getting much play time even so that the wife liked it better But I'm still rockin the Zombies ,

It gets a lot of attention at shows , And I have another new Engine cover along with upper shroud and trunk drain lids that I'm going to get Hydro dipped with another new Zombie Pattern , That way I can switch them out for shows we have already been to before...

As for the Bio-Hazard ,I have been busy with new mods this year. I added on the T-5 Front Splitter & T-5 Rocker Panels from ACS Composite Painted in Satin Black , Looks Sweet . Also finally got new Rotors Drilled & Slotted Highlighted in black . Added new Black chrome gills , And put LED lighting in the engine bay along with a set of strobe lights & Scanner bar in the Grill for the wife ,She wanted lights , now I'm hooked ...Going to do the interior & trunk and Under glow down the road . Lets see got the cup bezel & painted it Synergy green along with the center caps and trunk Panels and fire exgt. and also found a 2011 Synergy Green remote car .Oh almost forgot I finally got a Show Board made too ..

So as you can see Bio-Hazard is staying here with the crazies......
High Wing Spoiler is next on the list ....
And so far this year six shows and three awards ,Just got home today from a 2 hour trip to a show .so were still in the running ..Headed to Carlisle Pa for GM Nationals June 21-22-23 ...Never been so it looks really fun ...

This is my story & I'm sticking to it ....
NOW ,1st I really like the design and the idea of the color . But What is it the wife is making ???? Dying to know ????

Hey take Care and stay in touch . J
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