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Work continues.... the engine and transmission are now out of the car. The engine is getting re-sealed, cleaned up and painted before it gets put back in. The guys just have to remove a few more wires, pull out the interior and all the body work can begin. Also the tires from the donor car were put on. The tires we brought the car in with would not hold air so they were filling them up every 2 days. We are going to put the origional rims on though with this rubber. These rims are just temporary so they can roll the car around and not worry about adding air every 2 days.

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If anyone has a rad cradle that they would like to sell or know of anyone who has one that they want to get rid of, I am looking for one. This one is rotted right out.

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The engine and transmission will soon be coming out of the donor car. That transmission will get re-sealed and cleaned up as well.
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