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Time for a little update and some simple "mods"
So as far as fixing my car:
A door arrived at the body shop last week but it was damage so a new one had to get sent and it arrived today so my car will be going in on Monday to get fixed. Depending on how well the new door looks painted all determines how fast I get my car back and how much of a headache it will be to have to order new vinyl gills and the driver side hash marks .
Now for some slight mods.
I removed the speaker on top of the dash because according to this thread link[/URL] it makes the BA system sound better, and I can agree it sounds a lot crisper now. Removing it wasn't too bad, just pop off the cover and undo two bolts then unplug the speaker. Unfortunately when I was removing the cover I managed to break one tab and almost break another guess I'm too strong for my own good?

Once the cover is removed this is what the speaker looks like, and I just untightened the two bolts.

Next I unplugged the harness and ziptied it to one of the holes where the bolts go to prevent it from flopping around.

Then I put the cover back and that was that. Now removing the speaker and the two bolts removed 0.68lbs. Therefore now the BA sounds better and my car is 0.69lbs lighter...that's a win win situation to me haha.

The other thing I did which isn't that big of a deal but I think it cleans up the engine bay a little is I covered the brake booster line with my black braided hose cover. Now there is one that is there but it is a rather small piece and I think this looks much better, here are a before and after pic.


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