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Originally Posted by The Stig View Post
...Still no idea, and I'm guessing insurance probably won't care enough to figure out the cause - they probably only care enough to figure out how much they need to pay me.

....So basically the only way to tell would be to pull off all 4 rotors and inspect them one by one, then if they look "OK" I would have to put them on a car to see if they're still OK to drive.

I love Racing Brake don't get me wrong, they easily make the best rotor on the market for our cars - but I don't think I could in good conscience put these rotors on another camaro to "see" if they're still OK to use. It's just way too big of a gamble.
Well considering the cost of replacing them, it might be worth it to ship them to Warren and have him look them over. If they're no good he doesn't ship them back and that's that. If they are good that could save you a couple grand on your next project build starting with a 1LE from the insurance money you're going to get. A phoenix just might rise from the ashes out of all this.

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