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Seeking 9s on M6...
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Next/last round

OK, so my last round of mods coming up, no seriously this time .

So i decided to stick with the 3" pulley for both street and track (running 14 deg timing street and 19 degree track), however my IATs with the small pulley are through the roof! Running 130-160 around town, and last weekend at the track was upto 200 .

So i've placed my orders and am waiting impatiently:
  • TPiS 102mm throttle body (mentioned prior) to hopefully get another pound of boost and reduce the rate my IATs climb during the run
  • RX Super Chiller to hopefully tame my IATs on the street and just prior to my run down the track
Did i mention w/all the money i've spent on my car in the last year...the wife hasn't been too happy with me.... So she got her pool...we signed the papers last week. So on the way home I mentioned there were a few more things i needed to wrap up on the car ...worked like a charm.
  • Add new set of Bogarts powder coated black
  • Hoosier slicks and M&H skinnies
  • Heritage grill
So now I'm in the market for a trailer...and that's it...I'm done!

I'm hoping the slicks help me mask my terrible launches and drop my 1.8 60' to a 1.6! That will help me get deep into the 10s.

I'll also have some tuning refinement to do to get rid of my lean spike at gear shift...then i'll be golden.

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