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Originally Posted by OHIOSS View Post
So what would I do if I wanted to blow up my engine? If you tell me how to blow it up I will know to NEVER do it.

I checked online and I don't see any kits that cost $3K, they all seem to be under $1K. What do you get with a $3K kit -vs- a $1K kit?
The smaller doses of nitrous (<200shot) really are pretty safe IF you don't get greedy with it and you get it dialed in correctly in the tune. Sometimes the manufacturers' jets don't result in the best AFR, so a little bit of fine tuning is required.

When someone blows their engine up with nitrous, many times its because of a really aggressive tune, or it wasn't tuned for the nitrous at all. We'll see tune files that are WAY off in both timing and AFR. Don't get me wrong, between boost and nitrous, the nitrous does produce a more violent combustion, but it's not anything that will exceed the limits of the engine with a competent tuner and his laptop.
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