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Originally Posted by camaro_RS View Post
Engine compartment looks great my man.

Originally Posted by angie7 View Post
Looking good
Nothing like Powder but getting there!

So yesterday I decided to finish up and install my rear slotted/drilled rotors and put my HPS pads on all four corners. It ended up being a huge pain. I had the hardest time trying to get both rear rotors off since they were rusted on real good! Eventually though I did manage to get them off half a can of WD40, 2 hours and a lot of taking out my frustration with a hammer . Despite all that though the outcome was worth the frustration. Here is a pic of my rear rotor installed

I also decided to switch out my chrome gorilla locks for the black acorn locks to help get rid of the chrome. So here is a final picture, not sure what I am going to do with the wheel hub thing.

(sorry pics are a little blurry)

Lastly here are the HPS pads (top pad) compared to the stock pads (bottom pad)

Not gonna lie it took me a while to figure out how the heck that OEM spreader thing worked haha but I finally figured it out .

When finished I turned my car on and started to pull out of my garage to park in one of the parking spots at my apartment complex. I started moving forward I hit the brake pedal and it immediately went to the floor and I wasn't stopping. I started to panic since there was a car in front of me. I let off and hit the brake pedal again and same thing happened so I was like **** I messed something up real bad. I then hit it a third time and boom stopped instantly (not gonna lie came pretty close to hitting that car haha) I think since I spread apart the calibers to put the new pads on it had to take a couple of pumps from the pedal to make everything go back to normal. After the bedding process I can say the car stops a heck of a lot better! I think that is mainly due to the HPS pads as opposed to the slotted/drilled rotors.
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