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Originally Posted by Synner View Post
Sounds like you continued to drive it after hearing something wrong, didn't check the fluid level after knowing you had a leak, and then drove it some more when it was possibly dry.

Assuming you installed it properly the pumpkin was probably bad to begin with and you abused it more by continuing to test drive it. You will need to narrow it down to just the pumpkin or something more and then return it for the warranty.
No I did not continue to drive it. I installed it and filled it fresh with 2 quarts of oil that I confirmed with gforce on the phone prior to install. I didn't notice the fluid leak until I got back from where I was having it installed. I noticed the leak and promptly parked it.

The only reason I did drive it after that was to see if perhaps it was overfilled and it leaked out of the vent tube which wouldn't have been an issue if that was the case. As soon as I shift into 2nd I knew it was wrong and parked it again. I'm not out cruising around in it trust me.
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