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Originally Posted by yotaman96 View Post
Did you seal the center section in the housing using RTV? Drain plug tight? How much gear oil did you put in? It should be 2 quarts. Are all of the axle bolts still tight? U-bolts that attach the driveshaft to rear tight? All bolts on the front of the driveshaft tight? What all did you disconnect when installing the rear? I can't think of any reason why the 9" kit would make it hard for you to get into different gears. Sounds like a separate issue.
I purchased the kit used and it was sealed. Drain plug was tight and sealer was put on the bolt to keep it from leaking. Everything was tight for sure it was checked twice. I'm not sure either but I purchased some more fluid today and I'm going to check on the level and add if needed. If adding the fluid helps then there is a bigger issue with it leaking and I will then have to get it looked at. Sadly I do not have the space nor the tools to remove this on my own so I would need to get it in a driveable condition to get it looked at.
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