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Originally Posted by camaro-dreamer View Post

He apparently found the owner, but they had done alot to it and had even more plans for it, so he let it go.

"The reason I dont want to buy it back is because they definitely like the car a lot, they've done A LOT to it, they want more than 60,000 for it which as much as I love the car, is ridiculous, and I also would have no way of going to look at it in person if I bought it, and with a car like this I would have to. They were talking on and on about racing it and plans for it in the future and keeping it for a long time and all this. I'm sure if I put up enough money they would sell it, but after hearing them talk about it I'd almost feel bad. They sounded like they liked it as much as I did. They also dont sound like a bunch of rednecks who bought the car to do burnouts in, they definitley knew a lot about cars and were people who I feel comfortable having it.

If I paid enough money I guess I could have almost any object I wanted, but for some reason I feel like I should go ahead and let them keep it for other reasons. I'm glad the car got around to someone who appreciates it and not a 25 year old that just wants to do donuts and hoon it around. I also have this feeling that since they've done so much to it (suspension, changed my wheel to something other than the forgestars, camshaft upgrade, LS3 conversion, brakes, linelock kit, and a few other things cosmetic, it isnt really the same car.

Some of you might think the thread was pointless, but I called the owner with every intention to start naming off prices till he decided to hand the car over, but after talking to him for a while I just dont think it's the right thing to do. It's someone elses turn to enjoy the car that I put so many hours into, and it kind of makes me happy that someone is enjoying something so much that I put all that work into. It's almost more fulfilling than actually buying it back. I really didn't expect to be saying any of this, I actually expected to be posting pictures of it next to my GT by now."
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