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Originally Posted by 4after4 View Post
what the hell prompts CHP to look under the hood??? i go by CHP and FD softoball games were there are challengers, camaros, mustangs all obviously with mods to engines, lights, windows. I wonder what is possible under citizens arrest because I want to tag them back for all the "love" they give me.
What prompts them is either excessively loud vehicle or if your car LOOKS heavily modded. I'm not sure legally if you have to pop the hood, but i've heard of several officers saying things along the lines of "pop the hood or I'll give you a ticket for every little infraction." They have their methods.
Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
....and I'd love to tell you all about what we're working on, but then there's that fleet of Black Suburbans that show up when one says more than they should...............
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