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Originally Posted by willhe64 View Post
Most peoples experience with nitrous:




couple quick questions.
have you ever run nitrous?
have you ever blown an engine using nitrous?

Part of the misconception with nitrous is due to people only remembering the horror stories about it. No one really talks about the other thousands of cars/applications/etc that are running nitrous completely fine.

Granted, nitrous engine failures are normally more "spectacular" than other engine failures.
But the fact remains that just like any other setup. If the due diligence has not been performed, you are waiting for trouble.

that being said, I love nitrous. I've run it on just about every camaro I've owned over the years (4 of 6) and on numerous other vehicles. In over a decade of using it, I've never had a single nitrous backfire running anything from a 50hp plate system for turbo spooling up all the way to a 300hp progressive direct port setup.

I've used just about every kit out there and sometimes "frankensteins" of diffferent kits (bottle and lines from one company, window/arming switch from another, etc). I've used completely brand new kits and used kits.

The key to it all is the proper setup and tuning of the engine.

Originally Posted by OHIOSS View Post
Can't say I ever heard of this plan. I can afford a new engine but sure in hell don't want to buy one. The car has a rev limiter so how can nitrous damage the engine other than running to many RPM's? Educate me please.
The best plan I can tell people is listed in my sig. "Never race anything you can't afford to light on fire and push off a cliff."

its not just for nitrous. it applies to all modifications and racing. The other common saying out there is that you have to pay to play.

as for other ways your engine can be torn apart, see BadBubba's post.

Originally Posted by willhe64 View Post
Not it isn't, but my point is, it's more susceptible to something going wrong.
how so?
the major cause of all nitrous failures boils down to the tune/tuner.

Granted, there are plenty of components that can fail that aren't present on SC/TC, ie: solenoids, nozzles, bottle heaters, etc.

But look at a SC/TC setup. pressure spikes, intercooler clogging, overboost, compressor stall, belt failure, bypass valve sticking, impeller/rotor erosion, etc.

What I'm saying is that there are risks involved with all of them. Some are unique to the specific system, some are not.

For those who want to go fast on a budget but don't go racing all the time, I recommend nitrous.
Never race anything you can't afford to light on fire and push off a cliff
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