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Originally Posted by Jer4251 View Post
Doing the lower pulley requires the new balancer to be able to swap pulleys right? That's $750+ I wanted to avoid u less I'm missing something. Thanks for the info thus far. I would love to be 600+ who when done with these mods. Was in search of 700 @ the crank with whatever was needed.
well they both have different pulley dia. availible. the upper ~$200 requires you to pull the snout and press the pulley on. lower you just bolt on the new balancer. ~2-2.5hrs labor.

The ATI setup is $560 for balancer and pulley. It is more money in parts but way easy on labor.

upper ratios
2.85 1-2psi ~10.5 psi
2.5 3.5-4.5psi ~13psi
2.4 4.5-5spi ~15psi

the lower being a larger diameter allows for fine adjustment but at larger pulleys you have to run different brackets and idlers.

ie 8.6= 10.5psi
9.1 = 11.5 psi
9.5 = 13psi
10" = 15sp

the speet spot for power if you are a safty concience person is 10% lower and 2.5 upper that puts you right at max blower RPM at redline. then again that is like 16-17psi so it will build heat. you can run the smaller upper if you machine the snout a bit but then you leave a little blower RPM on the table.

Some will spin the blower harder I proabably will not many story's of broken parts start with ignoring limits because people don't think they apply to them.

Pulley upper or lower, CAI are the best starter mods. If I am pulling the snout though I am porting that at that time. ~15hp there and it would be redundant labor to do it later.

that is why I have 10% lower did not want to mess with that at first so I just did rotofab, 90mm, TB, 10% lower. some will say the upper is cheaper but the fact I threw it all on in 2.5hrs was nice. woul have taken me longer to pull the snout and take it to someone to press the pulley

then I will do ported snout, upper, and injectors at a later date but that is all similar labor so it makes sense in my mind to do that all at the same time.
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