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Originally Posted by JohnnyBfromPeoria View Post
It's not the stock fluid, but others have reported excellent results. Honestly, I'd just buy the two quarts necessary and do it in the driveway as it's not a warranty thing, just routine maintenance, but replacing the fluid with an upgrade. I'm at 20,500 miles and could use to do the same thing (mine still has the stock fluid as well), so this would give me an excuse to buy a new gear lube pump (usually under $10).

Let me know. Probably budget around a half hour per car.

John B.
Alright thanks. I told my dad about this an he wont let me touch the damn car. He wants the dealership to do it because if they screw up it there fault and he said if screw up then my warranty screwed. But honestly its not hard to change transmission fluid its just like an oil change. Sometimes i wonder why i goto UTI when he wont let me work on my own car.

Just got off the phone with the dad i'm from California and we have a really good tech out there i guess he was experience this problem too with the stock oil 75w-90 so he recommend what you recommend GM Synchromesh oil and a product from justice brothers gear oil treatment

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