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Mine was a unique case and became a trade vs. a buy back for a few reasons. My dealer swung me a deal and GM gave me a Goodwill voucher towards the new car. I'm convinced it was handled the way it was because of the verbiage and professionalism I used during all communication with the dealer and the quality after sales district rep. Keep your cool and avoid getting emotional about any aspect except your passion for Chevrolet and Camaro. Convince them why you should be made whole and why you feel you shouldn't suffer a loss for something that is no doing of your own. It shouldn't be hard with a previous troubled car already. Be clear you intend to be fair. Losing $500 to $1000 is fair for the amount of time you've used the car. $3k or more? No way. Push for help to make up the stretch if it really comes down to it. They can help and will if they know it will pay dividends back in the future based on your future purchases and sharing of your positive experience.

It broke my heart to let my 2010 go but at the end of the day it was best for everyone and GM absolutely made me whole.

Best of luck to you. I hope they fix it up right!

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