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Ghosted AAC Concept Mirrors and Black Chrome Interior trim

Car just sold so I gotta get rid of these, I would like to clear out my closet prices below OBO.

Black Chrome interior trim, Speedo surround, V8 manual without 4gauge pack, and steering wheel trim.
$175 (bought them for 270)

You can pm me here, I check it every day, or you can text me at 563-650-8012. I accept paypal. My prices are based off others I have seen and the money I have paid for these items. Im Not trying to make money here, already lost enough modding my car lol just trying to make some back and help out someone else.

MODS- Performance: K&N CAI, MRT 2.0,
Apperance: Custom Door Sills, Peddles, AAC concept side markers, AAC reverse lights, AAC led scanner, AAC concept side mirrors, carbon fiber bowties, Auto Anvil Spoiler, Black Chrome SS rims, Eagle Eyes w/HIDs, AAC CCFL Interior Lights, AAC Dome and Trunk LEDs, Carbon fiber wrapped interior and black chrome plated trim, LG short throw shifter w/ cue ball, Heritage Grill, p13 leds in tinted fogs.

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