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Clutch Review: Out w/ Monster in w/ the Slayer

This is my 10,000 mile review:

Previously installed in my 2010 Camaro full bolt on heads and cammed LS3 I had the Monster Stage 3 single disc capable of 700hp/tq. I was having problems blowing out master cylinder after master cylinder (4 to be exact) tried the lingenfelter clutch return spring and the braided line between the slave and the master. Still no dice. I was told by several employees at monster that I do not know how to drive the car at 3,500 miles of squealing like a pig and shuddering so bad it was embarrassing to drive I decided to call it quits and work with the guys at

When we pulled the transmission and looked at the monster clutch the blades that come off were totally bare metal on metal in a few areas *losing all of its contact patch between clutch disc and the flywheel.* We and all of us at Jim Glover Chevrolet were completely dumbfounded. The shim, the flywheel and the clutch was all installed properly and double checked for anything being loose before we pulled it apart and removed it.

We un-boxed the Hendrix engineering street slayer billet twin carbon and they were excited. Finally a clutch that looked the part. (the install tech was a little concerned about it being a strapless design but he followed the instructions to a T and did it right.)

First drive was unbelieveable! MY CAR MOVES WITHOUT SQUEAKING OR SHUDDERING! I dont have to "LEARN HOW TO DRIVE MY CAR" either.

After the first oil change at 3,500 miles I also changed my clutch fluid and it was super clean but did it anyway just to prevent issues down the road.

I find it crazy that this clutch capable of holding 800RWHP drives easier with a smoother engagement and no shudder or squeal driven normally. I even removed and sold the clutch return spring which is no longer needed and I have not had the need to replace my Master Cyl. after 10,000 miles of driving on this gorgeously performing clutch.

Bravo You've done a bang up job on this one.. (You kicked the little monster in bell housing!)

So the moral of the story is save your money and spend it properly on a unit that is made for the car not shimmed out from GTO specs.

I have over $1,500 from that monster that i'll never get back. (Clutch, install, master cyls x 4 and slave) My loss will hopefully be your gain!!!!
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