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Originally Posted by dorfmac View Post
It's a shame that we as a community ask for donations for this but not for the Oklahoma tornado victims or any other number of "real" problems facing people in our own backyard...

It's a terrible thing to have happen, but if you've got the money to spend 15k on mods in the first place, do you really need donations?

Not trying to be an insensitive, but lets have some perspective here people... Best of luck RJ on getting things squared away.
Agreed 100%

RJ is an awesome dude from what I've seen here on the forums. Hope he gets things squared away quickly but common. How many other Camaros have been totaled on this site? If mine gets totaled can I set up a donation page to recoup some funds in my pocket? If this was for something along the lines of the guy on here who's daughter has cancer, which I donated to, that's fine. Anyways, ill end the rant here. Good luck RJ, sorry for your loss it was a beautiful ride.
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