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Originally Posted by 45thAnniversary2SS View Post
How does the SS create negative downforce? Too much air getting below it or air moving faster over than below creating lift? Just curious...

Cool video.
The same way an airplane wing does. If you look at the car from the side, you have a swooping hood and a giant opening into the engine bay that just guzzles air.

The swoop in the hood creates a low pressure zone since the air loses velocity as it travels over the swoop thus creating a low pressure zone where as at the same time, air is slamming into the engine bay at a relatively unobstructed path. This creates a zone of higher pressure. It may not be a ton but it's just enough to create lift. Now do that for the entire car. The bottom of the car is a relatively straight path (High pressure zone) and the air passing over the car creates a low pressure zone and all of the individual pressure zones add up to a negative down force vector or in other words, a positive lift vector.

EDIT: video. skip to 45 seconds in.

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