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I went with the Street Slayer twin carbon when my stock clutch gave out after several hundred passes at the drag strip. I couldn't be happier with the street manors and how it performs on the strip. Even when new, the stock clutch would get hot and smell terrible after a few launches. The Street Slayer has never smelled after a full night of racing. The engagement/disengagemet is smooth like butter and holds tons of torque.
12.618 @ 110.75 Bone Stock 1/4 mile
8.165 @ 86.52 Bone Stock 1/8 mile
11.189 @ 124.44 on a 1.73 60' TVS2300 3.4 pulley, JRE tuned, Kooks LT headers and HF cats, MBRP catback exhaust, CAI intake, ADM scoop. Stock wheels/tires.
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