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Thanks, guys.

Dyno time scheduled early July, then the track.
Stephen, speaking of track time, when is your next shot into the 10's?

I have not run through full compression/droop in the shop.
Bolted them up, clearances looked good with and without tires installed on wheels. Has been driven hard with 3 people in the car, no issues except the ebrake cable. LCA and swaybar are fine.
Front calipers are tight, bout 1/4" to barrel. Interesting that the rear clearance is the same as the front.
Has about 3/8" clearance with the cable, when driving it must move around as bolth sides have a slight rub .
I will be tying the cable back.

Trackman, the M&H's handle great. Roundabouts, on-off ramps etc.. I don't even notice they are a drag radial. Under hard accel (T/C off) they squirm around a bit, especially if the surface has any rutting/not perfectly flat. Just takes a little getting use to. Better than counter steering everywhere with the 20"s. hmm, or is it? .
No comparison to my older muscle cars with 15" drag radials or slicks. Feel safe running these everyday.
30psi is what they have in em now.
How about the M/T's, they were my second choice?
Now that I have rubbed on the ebrake cable, how did you tie yours back?

Tire choices are limited, Nitto seems to have the most NT05R, 555R, 05, 555, 01 and 555r2.
Types to fit an 18x11" wheels.

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