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Originally Posted by tjd24 View Post
Here's my SIM with the '67 V-Flags added, stickerwitch red bow ties on the wheel cap and Gorillia "The System" Locking Wheel Lug nuts installed (can't really tell in this shot) - from amazon

A nod to fixxer56 who had the V-Flags on first - we' were think the same thing though he was quicker than I was to get them on the car... I got mine from They come with the posts on which need to be cut off and the hollow back filled in to allow for 3M tape to cover the back well (X-Acto knife to trim edges).

I know the full side shot is blurry - iPhone shot.

When the back-ordered "RS" badges go on the hood spear I'll post better pics.

That looks great!! I want to put that our 2LT RS SIM soooo bad but my wife does not want me to put all that on her's......So I am waiting for my 2SS RS SIM to get here to start badging it out. That looks really great. I tried to order the Badges from my dealer today and he said they were not available right now...ugh
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