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Originally Posted by Mchlgrrsn View Post
I have heard spraying "pre blower" is not terribly effective in keeping IAT down. If I am wrong please tell me, I am up in the air on adding meth as well. I have IAT issues. Adding a larger heat exchange resivior as we speak to help.
spraying pre blower does not help as much as if it were spraying after a centrifugal blower or turbo.

reason being is on a turbo like what i have, i spray my meth injection into the charge pipe where the air is compressed and hot already. So the air going into the engine is the now cooled air/meth mixture.

but when your spraying pre-blower... yes you are cooling the air going into the blower, but it is then getting compressed and heating up at that point. Yes the cooler the air going in, the cooler it will be going into the engine. but the drop in IAT will not be as great as if it was post blower/turbo.

The real benefits of meth are lowering IAT's, raising octane(depending on mixture), and keeps everything clean.

yes you can adjust your tune drastically to take on more timing and compensate for the higher octane, but what IF the meth fails.... BOOM.

so the way you can really get gains is by the lower IAT's. Yes i run a little rich now under boost... but i would rather run a little rich with IAT's under 130 degrees VS higher IAT and leaner AFR...
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