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Well after forgetting and leaving my window cracked over night and it raining the next day I decided to install some window vents. I had them on my old vehicle and they worked great. Idk how there going to do on the Camaro. They don't look bad and you can hardly tell their there. The only problem I have is they don't seem to over lap on the window too much so you cant leave a big crack in the window to let air pass through. Its not the companies fault its just the way the Camaro is made. On a car with the window frame on the door the vents work great because they stay on the door and can be made long to allow for a good gap. But sence the Camaro has the upper window seal made on the body it makes it difficult to make a good long overlap. Because the window vent has to stay on the body and the window has to pass under it to open the door. I found that having one person slowly open and shut the door as your installing it make the install easier and so you can mount the vent as low as possible without it hitting the window.
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