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Originally Posted by Mchlgrrsn View Post
How much over ambient temp do you run now ?

I'll have to check the old logs and that will take some digging. All of my info pertains to the track. I do not log anything on the street. I just wanted to clarify that. I usually start a pass at 16 or 17 degrees C, maybe 20 or 21 if I get hung up in staging for a while. I usually end around 60 degrees C but again I need to verify that will the logs.

Originally Posted by Mchlgrrsn View Post
Thank you AGAIN. Putting in the larger resivoir in on Tuesday. My tuner not advocating the pre blower meth situation but I keep hearing everyone sing its praise.
Ice ice ice and more ice is the plan
The ice works because it actually flows the ice cold water through the blower. The best example I can give about the ice working is Camaro fest last year. It was hot/humid, temps in the mid 90's, da about 4k. Mid afternoon my 680 rwhp was running 10.14 at 136. While everyone else was almost .5 off.

Originally Posted by Kronix View Post
Correct, not on actual track conditions, but street simulated yes, but it was cut short because I moved back from Cali to NJ at the beginning of May. I only use 100% because that's what Julio Don suggested I run through his system. But now that I'm back home in NJ, we're going to be adjusting the tune because of the higher octane here. I always run 32 oz of Torco per 20 gallons and it would bring up Cali's 91 to about 95/96, so with 93/94 here I should be right around 100 octane, then throw in the Meth and it's practically race fuel 110+ octane. But we will be testing on track conditions, and I'm curious to see the drops because of the higher humidity here compared to virtually none there.

The track is a different animal. It's impossible to hold it wot on the street for 10,11, or 12 seconds and no one every does that on the dyno. Besides the heat rising off the track and all the other variables involved the track test stand alone.

I'm looking forward to how your set-up does on the track. Then you/we will have data from the same car and different scenarios. Something we don't have yet.

If you aren't dependent on the meth for octane I'd like to see you run a 70/30 or 50/50 mix to really get the cooling benefits.

With your set up now you should really be on race gas if you see the track. You never know what is coming out of the pump and race gas is the best way to make sure of your fuel's octane. Plus it smells gd too!!
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