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Originally Posted by GearheadSS View Post
Dealers normally only stock tires that are fast movers. Mainly because they don't need a set of tires sitting there for months or years taking up $1400 worth of inventory. ZL1s and 1LEs are a low production vehicle. Just because a dealer has or sells a few, doesn't mean that those people will come back within a year to buy tires.

Unfortunately, unless you live in a large metro area, this is just something you're gonna have to deal with. Just one of the downsides of owning a ZL1 or 1LE. I wouldn't really worry that much about it though. When owning one of these cars, the plusses far outweigh this minor negative.
It's no doubt the PLUS outweigh the little hiccups! I do live in a large metro area, so it is a little harder to understand.
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