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Originally Posted by rolnslo View Post
$6k on top of a v6 (non-LS) will get you within $500-$1k of the price of an SS...To sell these, I think you'll have to make that gap a little bit bigger.
The way I see it, even if the kit's price puts the V6 at the same price of the SS, it will still be better.

Only the 6M LS3 is putting numbers *near* the 400's in stock form (and it's mostly 350-380). But to reach it you will need a tune and some form of intake or exhaust mod (headers, catback) which further increases the price range. The 6A are sporting 310 to 335 (one member here even had a 295 for one of the runs which is really low; he's suffering from one of those "slow l99" problems, but still) I see nothing wrong with a V6 putting 400rwhp for the same price (even better if it's less).

It's a win-win situation! Off the boost it's the same mannered V6 (which is no slouch either!) with great MPG. On the boost, it will beat the SS (this is an assumption on my part...but higher HP, lower weight, and turbo’s are usually associated with gobs of torque). I’m thinking about a stage 3 cobalt SS turbocharged (Yes I know it's a 4 cyl, but it still making absurd HP/TQ for very little $$$ - more than an L99 and that's a LOT) and the past GNX and drooling at the results and potential in this V6.

Once you have the kit, further power upgrades are just about increasing the boost and fuel requirements (the bottom end is already forged no?) And this motor already has all the good goodies from the factory.

Only thing missing will be the suspension upgrades, but people interested in higher levels of power might just skip the SS drive train specs and go beyond. The only thing keeping me on this V6 vs V8 debate for which car I'll buy is that I really want to have the best of both worlds (and to me that's all the benefits of the 6 with the power of the 8) but there are no FI kits in the horizon yet (nor tuning) available. If there was I would buy the V6 in a heartbeat as I would know there will be upgrades for further modifications down the road.

Bottom line: Looks (the V6 looks better w/o the fake ram air sorry), more power, same luxury, and a better price? What's there not to like? If you make it, people will buy it. There will also be more V6 cars than V8 cars; which is always a good thing as there are more potential buyers!
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