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Well. I want some more useful lighting (as mentioned previously). I scanned several websites for products.

Problem I found. Most people have flexible ribbon lights. I personally don't care for them. No good way to attach them and they look a little cheap. the tube lights I have found, I'm not crazy about their perceived build quality. However, I prefer the tube and their mounting options and durability.

Then I remembered these people - On Scene Solutions

I build fire trucks for a living and do all the electrical work, emergency lights, etc and we use the for the interior compartment lights on fire trucks 90% of the time. They have been extremely reliable and I have seen trucks come back from the field with the light tubes beat to hell and broken loose from their brackets and still working. These are also warrantied for 5 years free replacement. So, while it's not $100 total for two 10" lights in the foot well, a 6" for the glove box, and a 30" for the trunk, it's reliable and I know the product first hand from 5 years of working with them. I wanted to put some lights in the rear foot wells but I don't see a good place to put them and probably won't need the light often enough anyway.

American made, too


I ordered a 1LE Style Separator from Tracy at RX. Looking forward to that arriving.
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