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I completely abandoned my own build thread...what is wrong with me?

The last time I posted here I was headed for the track. Well...I ran into a bit of a problem on my first and only pass. The car was pulling hard, (thanks to the Whipple and a small 250 shot) when I heard a funky pop. I got out of it immediately, as the car was making some weird grinding noise. Come to find out the Whipple housing had actually cracked and lifted the housing!

ARD pulled the blower and sent it to Whipple to check out. They said they'd never seen this happen, and couldn't figure out why it came apart. They rebuilt it, and shipped it back. It seems to be doing fine now, and felt great yesterday on the Bayou City Chicken Run.

I still have a few things I'm wanting to do, so I'll jump back in here and post an update when I can.
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