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Originally Posted by ItsBroke View Post
Well I think I should've been just as skeptical of the clay bar as the lube. Even though it was still in its original wrapping, first thing I noticed when I open it the corners of the bar were hard, but after about 15 minutes of kneading and adding some detail spray, it seemed as though it returned to the pliability I was expecting. So, I started on the front fascia after the dawn bath and wiping with more detail spray and everything seemed to go well. Very smooth surface and good wet look to the clearcoat. Fine so far and then I decided to work the hood over. This time I followed what I saw on a video where you go back-n-forth and side to side with not a lot of pressure. Everything seemed okay there as well, but after I washed the car with Adams car wash soap, dried with the waffle weave drying towel and some detail spray, the finish was not smooth at all. Doesn't seem like it was clayed. I noticed in the video where Adam said if the clay bar is sticky, it's effectively dead. Well, mine was sticky but I thought that amount of stickiness was just because there was no lube on it. I'm beginning to think the front fascia came out okay because I was bearing down on it as I have a tendency to do that, whether I'm washing or waxing (bad habit that I'm trying to break because it's not necessary anymore) but I made a point to go easy on the hood. So, do you think my clay bar failed? Time to chuck it?
Clay requires you to put some elbow grease on it. Don't be afraid to bear down a little with it and apply some pressure (within reason, don't be grunting like a Williams sister). As long as you have enough lube, you won't do any damage.

As far as the stickiness, I haven't heard that before. Go get a brand new claybar from Mother's and unwrap it. It's very sticky and IMO, works extremely well.

If I were you, I'd chuck the clay for good and get one of the new clay replacements such as the Speedy Prep towel, or the Nanoskin sponge or towel.
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