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Originally Posted by 08-G35s/6MT View Post
From a roll in real world manual > auto, from a dig auto > manual.

The 3v will win easily, Camaro might kind of keep up or get ahead to 70 or so... but past that the 3v will walk away.
Only if you're talking about identical model cars, then the manual has the advantage on a roll otherwise automagic all day.

And from experience I can tell you you have it completely reversed. 3vs advantage is down low with the big torque advantage, if he drives it right he'll pull lengths and the rest of the race he'll just hold the lead. V6 camaro has better top end, 6 speeds vs 5.
Originally Posted by esponda View Post
20" nitto motivos, 245 and 275. Not the ideal set up but the hankooks were terrifying to drive in the slightest of snow to say the least...I don't know his tire set up but he has not changed his tires as far as I know.
Those tires are honestly terrible for drag racing, very stiff lol . The 20s are slowing you down too of course but they do actually make the car easier to launch. If you can get off the line and cut a 2.1-2.2 60' I think it will be a close race. I doubt you'll cut anything better than that but unless hes a good driver he'll probably cut 2.3s-2.5s which should give you the W.

Good luck!
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