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Adam's Metal Polish Towels are Back and Better than Before!

Its been a long time coming, but now you'll finally understand why... the Metal Polish Towels got a face lift! With the release of the original metal polish towel earlier this year we got a lot of feedback that people loved the towel, but it didn't work for all situations.

It was perfect on soft aluminum like billet, but a little too plush for other metals, and would almost 'drag' a little on the surface of things like stainless and chrome. Customers were using the edgeless utility towels for some metals, and the metal polishing towels for others.

Our solution - a towel that has both plush and short fiber microfiber built into one!

The new design still has the super plush fibers on one side, but also features a shorter fiber design on the other! Both are extremely soft and safe for even the most delicate surfaces, but now you have 2 fiber styles to choose from with a simple flip of the towel.

CLICK HERE to buy them in 2 packs or 5 packs

Check out the pictures below to get up close and personal with the new metal polishing towel.


A d a m s P o l i s h e s . c o m
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