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Originally Posted by nyrfan View Post
You do know the lights you are posting in the above pics are normal, don't you? They are on when it's bright out and dim when dark. This is a pic of the problamtic onstar light (the lights in your pic are normal):

As for the speedo bezel, as much as that bothers me I would never let them replace the entire dash for it. It's in there very tight, just one of those things that once seen, you cannot stop looking at it.
The one you just posted - happens to me as well, though less often. The lights I posted go on and off a repeatedly in a single driving session in broad daylight or dark (sometimes only 1 or 2 on, other times all)

Exactly. It bothers me, and I know it's there -- but my friend Ive shown it to, and my dad, both said they would never have noticed it if I hadn't pointed it out. Taking the dash apart risks breaking other of the plastics, having a loose fit that rattles, or something coming loose or breaking down the line and I don't want to take that chance for something so minor.
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