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Rough running, need help!!

Hey guys. So recently my car started running really rough. It takes a while for me to get it started, and when it finally starts, it runs reeeeally bad. And every time I open the throttle , it seems like its trying to choke itself out. Its backfiring when I get on it, idling rough, etc. It kinda feels like its not getting enough gas. Its an 86 Camaro berlinetta with the little 2.8 v6. This was my first car, ive had it for 5 years and its never given me any problems until now. Just wondering if anyone on here has had this problem, or might know any things to look at? I was gonna check the pcv valve next, but other than that I don't have many ideas yet. Any advice is appreciated!

And don't say "who cares, its just a crappy berlinetta". Cuz I do!
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