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Originally Posted by axnhose View Post
Just wanted to pass on that I finally found a set of black 10 spoke rims with tires. Actually, they found me. I had posted an add on Craigslist back in September, shortly after I bought my Silver ZL1. Unfortunately, it came with the silver wheels when I bought it off the showroom floor, but I still wanted the black rims, hence the wanted add. I kept re-newing the add, and had received numerous calls about people wanting to buy my silver 5 spoke wheels and tires for cheap. Bullshit, I know!! Finally, just the other day, I received a call from a guy that worked at a Les Schwab store in Sacramento (Thanks Carlos!). He told me a guy had bought a new ZL1, drove it around for 500 miles, then wanted a custom set of wheels and tires. They ordered him a set of custom 22" front and 24" rear, and bought his factory black 10 spoke wheels/tires and applied the balance towards his new wheels/tires. Once he told me the price was $2100.00 for the set of wheels and tires, I asked if he would hold them until I could get there and pick them up. 2 days later they were on my car. Les Schwab removed the TPMS sensors for the other wheels, so I had my local buddy at Americas Tire (Thanks Justin!!) fix me up with 4 new TPMS's for $169.00, and he installed them. Not bad for a total investment of $2269.00!! I wish they were in perfect condition like my silver 5 spokes, as they do have a few light scratches here and there, but for the price, they look GREAT!! Craigslist RULES!!!

Anybody looking for a set of silver 5 spokes and tires with only 380 miles on them, they are for sale!!
you better save the tires and just sell the rims cuz youre gonna need them in less than a year.
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