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Just go to the link...the 42 draft is good, but still lets oil pass through, and every manufacturer is fighting this and has been for years. GM on the LS v8 alone has made over 20 different design chages all the way to the latest LT1 DI V8 with " special oil separating valve cover system to reduce oil ingestion".

From the first move to the LS6 valley from the valve covers with poor baffels, but no manufacturer can add a separating system that will trap and stop all without adding the step of needing to drain it as the concentrates of the compounds cant be returned to the engine oil, and the trend is away from maintenance, not adding more.

But good dialog. If you search here and read the links to the pictures of the cans dissected you can see all the differences so no way to make one less expensive than the RX that can separate and trap all the oil.

Read the link to the pictures and go through that whole thread (long I know, but your being civil and seem to want to understand it).

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