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Originally Posted by SC2150 View Post
100% sure. This is my field of expertise for over 38 years, and the oil puddles in the intake show it all. Also, the fuel system evap emmissions only draws in fuel vapors...they burn clean.....but read all in detail and the links to back it all up.

Since they are not allowed to attack the turbo and supercharger solutions we develop this seems their next tactic. But it is pretty embarrassing to be that clueless on something so well documented for so many years by so many (such as the University of Maine study and all the TSB's from all auto manufacturers).

I want no fight, no attacks.....just all do what we do best and offer the most accurate and correct info possible with the documentation to back it up.

There is no place for drama on this or any forum IMHO. The market is huge for all.

But yet you can never see, that you are the one many times that cause it by saying crap like this. If you want to avoid the fights, then don't start them.

PLEASE just stick to the information you want to provide and dont START THE DRAMA.

Now back to the topic at hand. This is interesting stuff.
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