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Originally Posted by calflan View Post
For near $6K and using 93 octane, not sure it would be real popular. A Nitrous kit for less than $1000 is already available and delivers as much as 100 more HP (as little as 50 as well).
One does not typically compare a turbo application with nitrous... completely different animals.

N2O is for those who want a dedicated condition of use (ie: on the drag strip). The power derived from it is not available at all times, nor is it feasable to try and make it so from a logistical standpoint.

Turbo's are for those who are looking for a much broader usage condition, such as daily driving, road courses, etc. etc. The cost for this power-on-demand is a much higher cost for all the mechanical and tuning bits required.

If weekend trips to the strip are all folks are doing, then get a nitrous kit and be done with it. N2O is great shit

One reason I chose the V6 was not to get locked into a 93 octane need at the pump each time. I may be a small portion of the V6 owners, but then again, may not.
Methanol injection solves this problem. Under vacuum conditions having the increased static octane of 93 is pretty much wasted. You could easily add a meth system in with progressive capabilities that are only inacted when the car is under (boost) load. Seeing how much turbo apps are going to be WOT pulls from time to time on the street, and at relativly low boost levels, this would be an excellent solution. Meth is cheap, reliable, and with the amount of electronics out now -- pretty much idiot proof.

Until we have knock numbers of 89 octane under progressive positive boost conditions (or how much the stock ECU will pull timing), it's hard to make that call.

Having said that, everyone wants to see as many options for the V6 as they can find, but from your perspective, not sure you'd get a worthy return on your investment.

I also don't see many mods like this being real popular as long as the cars are as new as they are - in warranty. A turbo would likely void any warranty.
I want to see folks find the limits of the stock transmissions before I even lay out an engine plan Power means zip if you can't deliver it to the ground.
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