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Originally Posted by SC2150 View Post
On the subject, the catchcan is installed inline on the dirty side and the RX can has a one way checkvalve, so no oil can enter through reversion. All oil comes from the crankcase vapors.
If I'm using the wrong terminology, I apologize. The "reversion" I'm referring to can best be explained by this description I found online:
Reversion is simply the exhaust gases momentarily flowing backwards during the overlap phase of the camshaft at low cycling rates. During the overlap phase the engine is on the exhaust stroke and the piston is pushing out the last of the exhaust gases. Prior to reaching top dead center the intake valve begins to open. At low cycling rates the intake charge and the exiting exhaust pulse have yet created any momentum. Thus the piston pushes some spent exhaust gas into the intake manifold.
I'm not talking about PCV gases or oil reversion, I'm saying there's combustion reversion coming back onto the intake valves directly from the cylinder, as described above, possibly causing some of the deposits.

I am thoroughly convinced all of the oil in my manifold came in via the PCV system, and not via reversion (as I'm defining it).
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