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Had a front end vibration at highway speed in my 2008 Malibu so I took it in for service. Was told it was fixed. It wasn't. Took the car back and they looked at it again. Told me it was tires. So I put 2 new tires on the front. Still had the vibration, so I took it back. The service rep told me I must have gotten a bad set of tires so I replaced them again. Still not fixed. This time I was told it was a bad lot of tires. So I upgraded from the stock Michelins to Yokohamas. Still not fixed. So the service rep takes the wheels and tires from another Malibu they had on the lot and has them put on my car. We go for a ride and the vibration is still there. At first he says he can't feel it, so I go a bit faster (80ish) and then he felt it and tells me that it is normal. At that point I had enough. Not only did i put out alot of money in tires, they wouldn't give me a loaner!!! I took the car to Mall Chevy in Cherry Hill, NJ. I took the service manager for a ride and he noticed it right away. He insisted I leave the car there and got me a loaner. I told him i was going on vacation and would be back in a week. He told me to keep the loaner as long as I needed and to pick up my car when I got back from vacation. They tore the front end apart and replaced the front axels and cv joints, ball joints and some other suspension components. $2200 job all covered under warranty.
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