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I took some videos today but they were crappy because I was driving home from the dealer and left the new sunroof open (still getting used to that). I will take good ones tomorrow with and without the fuse so people can get an idea.

Does the standard V6 exhaust have a fuse #8 and does it do anything?
-No, The NPP has flaps in the tips (you can actually see them) and the fuse closes them at certain RMP's. Pulling any fuse related to flaps that are in standard exhaust will have no effect, I can't see why GM would put a fuse in there for no reason if it wasn't NPP but it may be for something else. I no longer have Megan so I can't check sorry.

Is it louder?
-Hell yes, when I drove away I couldn't believe the noise it made and when I pulled the fuse it got soooo much better. Not to mention the quad tips looks a lot better IMO. My only issue is I don't know which way to park it at the house anymore because I can't decide if the front or the back looks better... Good problem to have.

Is it worth the MSRP sale price of $900
-I think so, I'm very happy with the noise. If I bought another one I would opt for the NPP. I would absolutely suggest this upgrade. My next goal is to get it to a car show and do a side by side with a V6 rocking MRT 2.0's
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