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Originally Posted by ADM PERFORMANCE View Post
When's the last time you broke a powder metal rod?

Let me guess, the Internet said they are no good.

Proper built/tuned engines don't break rods or fail
Bearings or pistons.
I was breakin rods and blowing up ls1's when you were still driving rx7's and long before you had a shop so don't come at me like I don't know. Anyone that uses stock rod bolts on this motor with alot of power isn't very smart Anyone that recommends it is even worse. Dyno queens with low rpm's don't break parts properly built or not. Sure the motor will work with a Maggie but so would a motor with just pistons and rods and a stock crank and the stock ls3 heads. I still would want better rods on this motor and there is no way in hell I would test the rod bolts.

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