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Originally Posted by Doc View Post
You don't go to road course tracks, do you? You would be AMAZED at what people bring to the track. I've seen people bringing cars worth a lot more than $80k on trailers, along with $100k+ motor homes as support vehicles.

I don't understand why there seems to be confusion about what the Z/28 is and what it's specifically designed for. The ZL1 is a great all-round car that can be taken on a track and do well. However the Z/28 is SPECIFICALLY designed to be optimal for road course track racing, just like the COPO is specifically designed for drag strip racing. Unlike the COPO however the Z/28 happens to be street legal. It's not intended to be a daily driver or a comfortable street car; that's what ALL the other Camaro models are for. It WILL BEAT all the other Camaro models on the road course, including the ZL1 because that's SPECIFICALLY what it's being designed to do.

So why is it street legal then? I highly suspect it's being set up for pro racing where it has to be street legal and produced in sufficient numbers to qualify as a production car; just like the original Z/28 needed to qualify for the SCCA requirements to compete in the Trans Am championship series.

Mark Stielow has said this car is designed to (and can) run out an entire tank of gas non-stop on the track without any overheating issues. That is clearly NOT for HPDE or autocross as none of those kinds of events allow you to run non-stop until you run out of gas.

You'd be surprised at how much people spend on their Camaros; way beyond the price of the Z/28 whatever it's going to finally be. It's not out of reach for as many as you might think. And this car is going to bring in customers that were never Camaro customers before; people who are used to spending 2 to 3 times that much and they're going to think the Z is a bargain! It's a special car for a special purpose and that specialty crowd has money. People thought the ZL1 was too expensive and yet look how many of those have sold. The Z/28 is going to sell more than you think.
I just don't think there will be too many Z-28's produced. Those that get them aren't likely to be using them much on the street -- like you said -- Any more than you'd see a COPO on the street.

If GM wants to use the Z-28 moniker to bring people into the showrooms, they will need to make a version of it that is a little more affordable . I am talking about a Camaro with the LS7 available as a 1LE option with CAI. Now, that would bring em in! Or Z-28 stage1, stage 2. Stage one being a little more wallet and street friendly version.
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